3D nipple tattoo

Camouflaging the Breast Augmentation Scar

This customer came to Wahine Ink after her breast augmentation surgery and suffered of white scar incision. Initially, there was light scarring around the areola creating a white circle around the perimeter. After her microneedling combine with scar camoflage session with me, her areola had a more natural tone to it and the white scar line was significantly less visible.

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Donation Monday!

Every 3rd Monday of the month is Donation Monday — my featured service for clients who have been through exceptionally tough times. No woman should be "priced-out" from being whole again.

Clients who opt for a Donation Monday session will undergo my regular 3D areola tattoo session. All I ask is for a monetary donation to go towards purchasing needles, pigments, and other equipment for the next special woman.

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3D Nipple tattoo: Before and after